May 1, 2018


Community & Business Leader

Vincent is a husband, an environmental protection and consulting business owner of 10 years, he has resided in Middleburg, Virginia since 2010, and he has served as the Chairman of the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) for Middleburg since 2014. This is his second term in the position. 

As the Chairman of EDAC, he has shaped policy, supported community programs such as the Middleburg Christmas Parade and Shakespeare in the 'Burg, and he has successfully recruited new business to fill vacancies in downtown Middleburg.

Vincent is running for Mayor of Middleburg because the current Mayor is not seeking re-election and he wants to continue the tradition of kind and welcoming leadership so important to a historic small town in the heart of horse country.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading the classics, traveling with his beautiful wife Nelina, and spending time outdoors with his two terriers, Charlie and Wexley, and their hungry horse, Mikey.

He believes in finding the balance between town and tourism, protecting the Town from over-commercialization, and in keeping Middleburg a small town with historic charm and values.


my priorities 

  1. Keep Middleburg small -- we may be a town with tourists, but we don't want it to become a tourist town. My slogan is "better, not bigger".

  2. Give back to the community -- by reducing water rates. Our water rates are 2-3 times higher than any municipality in Loudoun or Fauquier counties.

  3. Fix our historic downtown -- through an Infrastructure Assistance Program. 

  4. Reinvest cash reserves in higher yielding vehicles -- the Town has more than $6.6million in cash reserves that could shape the future if wisely leveraged.

  5. Start new, local-friendly, events, and fill vacant spaces with sustainable and viable businesses -- the right kind, the kind that are good for residents.

  6. This is horse and wine country -- we could do more to realize the economic value and cultural significance of our thriving, rural, communities. 

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The Mayor is a non-partisan, mostly volunteer*, public service position with the following professional responsibilities: 

  • Represent the collective voice of the community

  • Provide kind leadership to Town employees and staff

  • Appoint Members of Council to standing committees

  • Lead the bi-monthly meetings of Town Council 

  • Represent the Town in ceremonies and at events

  • Endorse official documents

*The salary of the Mayor is $6,000/year.


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