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community and business leader

Vincent is a husband, business owner, and political advocate. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Economic Development Advisory Committee for the Town of Middleburg, appointed by Town Council to that position since 2014.

During his four years as Chairman, he has led meetings with local stakeholders including Salamander Resort, Boxwood Winery, Common Grounds, Highcliffe Clothiers, Akre Capital, Rutledge Farm, and the National Sporting Library and Museum. He was in part responsible for recruiting the King Street Oyster Bar to Middleburg, and is currently working with committee, staff, and Town Council to enable legislation to provide incentives for new businesses to locate in Town.  

Before his role as Chairman of the Town's Economic Committee, he was a Visiting Scholar at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the National Defense University Center for Technology and National Security Policy. 

Vincent is running for Mayor of Middleburg because the current Mayor is not seeking re-election and he wants to continue moving Middleburg forward. He believes in finding the balance between town and tourism, protecting the Town from over-commercialization, and in keeping Middleburg a small town. 

Outside of Middleburg, Vincent has been active on the Board of the Aldie Heritage Association where he has been a vocal opponent of the County's planned demolition of historic buildings including Old Woodburn.

He lives in downtown Middleburg with his wife and dogs.


platform: Moving middleburg forward 

  1. Keep Middleburg the small Town that we all love.

  2. Reduce water and sewer rates, which are the highest in the County. The current plan is to raise them more --- by 3-5% per year. This does not bode well for single parents, or our seniors who are living on fixed incomes.

  3. Recruit new businesses that are good for residents and visitors alike. 

  4. Unite the community. Middleburg is a Town of 800. 500 are registered to vote. In the last Town election, only 76 people turned out to the polls.   

  5. Appreciate our surrounding communities: Halfway, Aldie, Upperville, St. Louis, and Unison are a significant and important part of Middleburg. 

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Responsibilities OF THE MAYOR 

The Mayor is a non-partisan, mostly volunteer, public service position charged with: 

  • Representing everybody in the community

  • Supporting Town staff and committees

  • Appointing Members of Town Council to standing committees

  • Leading the bi-monthly meetings of Town Council 

  • Representing the Town in ceremonies and at events

  • Endorsing official documents

political advocate and published policy scholar

  • Formerly Appointed, Visiting Scholar, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Defense University Center for Technology and National Security Policy

  • Currently Appointed, First Chairman, Economic Development Advisory Committee for the Town of Middleburg

  • Active Board Member, Aldie Heritage Association, fighting to "Save Historic Aldie" from Demolition by Loudoun County


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